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5 Ways to Spruce Up a Simple Button-Down Shirt

If I could only wear one top for the rest of my life, the choice would be easy (and not because I don’t appreciate variation): my dad’s hand-me-down oxford shirt. It works as a beach cover-up, office blouse, going-out top, and even a makeshift Halloween costume. Not only is the humble button-down the most multipurpose piece in my closet, but it’s also anything but boring when you know how to style it and what to pair with it.

To make my case, I’ve found 11 different examples of fashionable ways to wear a button-down shirt that appeal to a variety of occasions, moods, and styles. Ready to get some mileage out of this unsung wardrobe hero? Read on to learn all the stylish ways to wear a button-down to work, dinner, dates, and everywhere in between. Getting dressed is about to get so much easier.

  1. Tie It Into a Crop Top

Tucked in and buttoned up, this outfit is ready for the boardroom; unbuttoned and tied up, it’s ready for a night out. If you need an outfit that will transition easily from day to night, this is it. 

  • Go Oversize and Accessorize

If you want to make your classic shirt more exciting, focus your efforts on accessorizing. Think funky sunglasses, statement shoes, and a handbag that adds a pop of color.

  • Layer It Under a Summer Dress

As the seasons begin to change, we tend to forget just how easy it is to repurpose our summer wardrobes by layering them with other items. So don’t put your slip dress away just yet. Make it office-appropriate and cool weather-friendly with a button-down underneath. 

  • Let It Hang Off Your Shoulders

Another easy way to make a button-down feel fun in the evening is by undoing a few of the top buttons and sliding it off your shoulders. Do a half-tuck into your favorite pair of jeans and call it a night. 

  • Leave It Open and Belt It

If you thrifted an oversize oxford shirt and it falls within that awkward length between a shirt and dress, consider layering it with a denim skirt of the same wash. Embrace the slouchy fit while giving it a little more shape with a fanny-pack or a simple belt. 

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